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Is Runway Magazine a real magazine?

RUNWAY MAGAZINE is an International magazine, produced by ELEONORA DE GRAY, with the offices based in Paris (France) since 2004. Runway Magazine started in 1995, in 2010 became ultimate luxury printed edition about trends, expertise, the most talented designers, photographers, artists, architects, showing the most amazing embroideries, exquisite cuisine, luxurious spa and much much more. It is a luxury printed book. Runway Magazine, printed luxury book and digital online platform hosted on, exists on 7 languages.

Who is Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine?

Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine is Eleonora de Gray, CEO and founder of this magazine. Executive Director and Director of Production Guillaumette Duplaix.

Can I subscribe to Runway Magazine?

Yes. RUNWAY MAGAZINE is a luxury magazine, but subscription is available to the latest news and the articles published online. We daily publish experts articles. We create vision, we make trends, our style in presenting you the best of the best is UNMISTAKABLE!

Is there a runway magazine office in France?

Yes, Headquarters of Runway Magazine based at the address 23-25 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France. Despite of opinion that it is American magazine from famous movie “Devil Wears Prada”, original Runway Magazine with million readers, printed and online editions is French. No editions exist in United States. Magazine has an English name because it is an international magazine, addressed to all English speaking readers. Today Runway Magazine exist on 7 languages.

Does Runway Magazine exist online?

Yes, you can subscribe to our web-site news You can obviously keep connected to RUNWAY MAGAZINE on social media networks and read latest news on our application available on Google Play and Amazon.  You can follow us on our social media networks and watch latest news, see comments of great designers, and express your opinion.

Who produces  Runway Magazine?

RUNWAY MAGAZINE produced by ELEONORA DE GRAY. It is one of the commercial products of Media Group. MEDIA GROUP specializes on branding, marketing, strategy, image consulting, and media production. One of worldwide known products is Runway Magazine designed to show and distribute most unique pieces, savoir-fair and expertise.