Teddy Runway Magazine

I’m Teddy Runway from RUNWAY MAGAZINE. I’m not just a stuffed bear made in huge manufacture by the machines. I’m one and only, unique HAND MADE bear. Somewhere in England there’s a small factory, the only one in Europe, where me, my brothers and sisters are made. All of us are UNIQUE.
I’m not cheap, badly made toy. I’m Teddy made with LOVE.
That makes difference…. it really does! That is why the price is different – I’m piece of art, and not industrial product.
You know where I came from, but do you know who I really am? I’m working in RUNWAY MAGAZINE, and I’m super fashion Teddy Runway, loved by many top models and fashion designers. I’m travelling a lot, I’m VIP at all fashion weeks. I know many things and I can tell you many stories.
Every day I go to the office, I go for shopping, I’m present at the shootings and interviews, and I’m visiting designers, discover their great secrets, and working with them.
I had a party in my honor recently in Paris. We had so much fun. And many designers came to see me. One of the greatest designers of our time Pierre Cardin signed his lifetime history book for me and Runway Magazine. I felt so so honored.
And I’m so happy to be with one of my favorite designers Hubert Barrère. This man has incredible talent – he’s a king of embroideries. He is one of the greatest. No one else can do such amazing work in whole world.
Would you like to see all my adventures? Or see my books created and personalized for every friend I have?

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