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JEAN CHARLES DE CASTELBAJAC INVENTIONS 1982-2019. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Collections Special Selection “Fashion Treasure”.

Jean Charles de Castelbajac is an artist and designer, who’s bringing all innovative technics from art and design to fashion. This is not just a synergy, this is complete colorful chemistry and innovation.

Jean Charles is the one of the first ones who brought pop-art into fashion. His famous Teddy Bear coat was as an existentialist dare, and some sort of “Fashion is dead, and everything is possible” promotion. Andy Warhol, Vivienne Westwood, Katty Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga… you name it, wore his innovations. He was also the first one who brought Disney characters on the clothes in 2010. Today this idea became a trend.

The key to understand Jean Charles de Castelbajac inventions lies in the first vision of a child. What first child is able to recognize: primary colors and simple geometrical forms. Jean Charles de Castelbajac is a creating child, playing with all objects as toys, produced by culture.

And being a child he created amazing fashion innovations 20-30 years ahead of time.