Prada Cruise 2020 New York. Prada US’s headquarters, Piano Factory. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Collections. RUNWAY NOW / RUNWAY NEW

Prada Cruise 2020 New York. For the Prada 2020 Resort Show, AMO takes over the Piano Factory, Prada US’s headquarters, and reinterprets it as an intimate setting for social gathering.

The set for the show, conceived for the seventh floor of the Herzog & de Meuron-designed building, is devised as a tactile interior to contrast with the industrial character of the architecture.

A fantasy of summer Prada decided to make it very close. Close from everyone. Very private. Prada today creates only for “village”, like many used to call New York in 90s, or for “village people”. Prada does not like to show anything to anyone. Large peasant shorts, jackets, sneakers, socks with sandals, and old fashion sporty bags, nothing elegant or creative, but dull and simple. That’s new fantasy of Prada, not for travel but for farm. Well, we guess this resort collection should stay very private fantasy of summer with winter coats and 5 layers of different sweaters and shorts, decorated like wallpapers with little flowers from 60s.

Photo: Filippo Fior /